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Curbside Compost Cart (with Wheels) – fits 13-20 Gallon Can Liners



Product Dimensions (in): 16x21x31″

Product Capacity (gal): 13gal


  • Curbside compost bin is compliant and easy to identify.
  • Perfect fit for the 26×36″ compostable bags.
  • Animal locks keeps curious critters out of your bin.
  • Handle and wheels for easy transportation.
  • Smooth plastic construction is durable and easy to clean.

Discover the ultimate solution for efficient and eco-friendly waste management with our green, Curbside Cart! Crafted from recyclable Polypropylene (PP), our Curbside Cart embodies sustainability while offering exceptional durability. Engineered with premium features to streamline your composting process, this cart is designed to make your life easier while keeping the environment in mind.

Our Curbside Compost Bin is meticulously crafted to meet compliance standards, making it a breeze to identify for efficient waste disposal. Tailored for 26×36″, 13-gallon compostable bags, ensuring a snug and secure fit for hassle-free waste collection. Our innovative animal locks keep curious critters at bay, preserving the integrity of your waste. Equipped with a sturdy handle and smooth-rolling wheels, transporting your compost to the curb is effortless and convenient. The smooth plastic construction ensures effortless cleaning, saving you time and effort while maintaining a tidy composting setup.

Upgrade your composting routine with our Curbside Cart and experience the perfect blend of functionality, durability, and environmental responsibility. Make the sustainable choice today!


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