Compost Bins

Start your journey by deciding which size bin is right for you. We’ve gone ahead and curated the 4 most common sizes for you. From kitchen countertop to curbside to multi-resident programs, we make it easy to choose the right bin for the right job.

Compost Bins - Large – Sorting Station Bin

Everything you need for your very own Landfill | Recycling | Compost sorting station. Use as a single bin, or get the complete (3) bin set + accessories for maximum impact. Complete set recommended for commercial settings. If you have any questions please contact us.

Compost Bins - Large – Sorting Station Bin - Accessories

Compost Bins - Medium – Curbside Cart with Wheels

The Curbside Cart is the perfect solution to suburban compost pickup. Conveniently equipped with wheels, no matter how full your bin gets, the journey to the end of the driveway is a breeze. We recommend this bin if you are an avid cook-at-home chef or live in a suburban area with compost pickup.

Compost Bins - Medium – Kitchen Floor

Our Kitchen Floor bin fits conveniently in small, low-lying spaces, so you can keep your compost out of the way and out of sight. This bin will hold up to 8 gallons of food waste and scraps, giving the at-home chef more than enough space to compost to the max!

Compost Bins - Small – Countertop / Under Sink

Our smallest bin in the catalog. The Countertop / Under Sink Bin fits conveniently on your countertop if space permits. Or, tuck it under your sink to be out of sight and out of mind. We recommend this bin for city dwellers with smaller kitchens and apartments. Perfect for the occasional at-home chef in the City.

Compostable Bags

Our compostable bags are durable, smell-resistant, and 100% certified compostable. The composters have field tested and approved each and every one of our compostable products so you can rest assured you are buying the real deal. Every size bag is designed to match and fit into one of our selected bins. Make sure you choose the right bag for the right bin, you can find this underneath the product description of each item.

Compostable Bags - Large – fits Sorting Station Bin

Compostable Bags - Medium – fits Curbside Cart with Wheels

Compostable Bags - Medium – fits Kitchen Floor Bins

Compostable Bags - Small – fits Countertop / Under Sink Bins

Starter Kits

Everything you need to get started composting in your home, apartment, or office space! We’ve carefully curated each starter kit to include both the bin and the right sized bags to make getting started as easy as possible.

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