Sorting Station Bin Starter Kit with 35 Gallon Can Liners



Product Dimensions (in): 11x20x30″

Product Capacity (gal): 23gal


  • Includes:
    • 3 grey sorting station bins
    • 1 case of 35 gal liners 
    • 3 sorting station sign frames 
    • 2 sorting station connector kits 
    • 3 sorting station single bin dolly 
    • 1 sorting station lift lid, green
    • 1 sorting station lift lid, black
    • 1 sorting station lift lid, blue
  • Perfect fit for the 28×44″ compostable bags
  • Connector kit has wheels for easy transportation
  • Connector kit attaches any two EcoStation Bins together
  • Hidden connectors which allow for a minimalistic look
  • Connector kit can be added or removed as necessary to create larger or smaller sorting stations
  • Multiple lid colors and styles
  • Attach signage for even more sorting information
  • Sign frames easily mount to EcoStation Bins
  • Sign frames can accept standard or thick copy paper as well as laminated signs
  • Smooth plastic construction is durable and easy to clean
  • Star-seal bottoms conform to the shape of every bin to maximize carrying capacity
  • Extra Strong – Puncture, tear, and zipper resistant
  • Keeps bins smelling fresh
  • Certified compostable through BPI and CMA approved
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Introducing our Sorting Station Bin Starter Kit with 35 Gallon Can Liners, the perfect solution for efficient and eco-friendly waste management. This comprehensive kit is designed to streamline your sorting process while promoting sustainability in both front and back of house settings.

Our starter kit includes three grey sorting station bins, crafted from recyclable PP material for durability and environmental responsibility. Paired with a our premium 28×44” compostable can liners made from PLA, you can trust that your organic waste is being disposed of responsibly.

The kit features multiple lid colors and styles for effective sorting: one green sorting station lift lid for organics, one black sorting station lift lid for waste, and one blue sorting station mixed recycle lid for recyclables. Enhance your sorting efficiency with three sorting station sign frames, allowing you to attach clear signage for easy identification and use.

Customizable and versatile, this multi-bin and multi-lid sorting station can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Whether used in a commercial kitchen, office, or public space, the Sorting Station Bin Starter Kit offers adaptability for any environment.

Each bin is paired with a sturdy metal dolly with wheels, ensuring easy mobility and flexibility. The included sorting station connector kit enhances stability and allows for seamless integration between bins.

Our kit also includes one case of high-quality 35-gallon, 0.85mil thickness compostable can liners, ensuring durability with puncture, tear, and zipper resistance. Keep your bins fresh and clean with our advanced odor-trapping technology.

Certified compostable through BPI and CMA approval, our liners meet the highest standards of environmental responsibility, ensuring that your composting efforts contribute to a healthier planet.

Join us in promoting sustainability and efficiency with the Sorting Station Bin Starter Kit with 35 Gallon Can Liners. Ideal for any setting, this kit is your all-in-one solution for organized, eco-friendly waste management. Make a positive impact on the planet, one bin at a time!


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